Artificial Skin Graft

اين نوع پيوند از پليمرهاي زيست تخريب‌پذير و سلولهاي فيبروبلاست ساخته مي‌شود و براي ترميم  محل‌هاي دچار سوختگي استفاده مي‌شود. از سلول‌هاي پوست ختنه‌گاه مي‌توان براي ساخت چنين پيوندهايي بهره برد.


 An artificial skin graft offers several advantages over those derived from the patient and cadavers. It eliminates the need for tissue typing. Artificial skin can be made in large quantities and frozen for storage and shipping, making it available as needed. Each culture is screened for pathogens, severely curtailing the chance of infection. Because artificial skin does not contain immunogenic cells such as dendritic cells and capillary endothelial cells, it is not rejected by the body. Finally, rehabilitation time is significantly reduced. One foreskin can yield enough cells to make four acres of grafting material.

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