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shahram ghasemi , شهرام قاسمي

I am an electronics designer and I work in the field of medical and laboratory equipment maintenance in Tehran. Sometimes, I design and run computer networks. Regarding the field of medical equipment, I have had many collaborations with several medical and laboratory equipment companies in terms of repair, consultation, sale and marketing. Regarding the past several years, I have been working in this field. Furthermore, I have designed, run and, even, invented several laboratory equipment and tools. Besides, I have designed and repaired digital circuits and advanced electronic systems in forms of several projects. Similarly, I am collaborating with many companies now engaged in electronic circuits as well as companies now active in the field of consulting repair of electronic systems and industrial electrical systems including command and control systems. Regarding the scientific field, I have succeeded to register seven inventions that do not have the same internal and external counterparts. I could rank top in three consecutive years in the Premier Research Conferences of Tehran province. In addition, I have managed to write numerous articles in the fields of electricity, electronics and medical engineering, many of which have been published in various sites. Presently, I am administering multiple scientific and educational sites in the field of electricity, electronics and medical engineering. Furthermore, I am engaged as a part-time teacher teaching some electrical and electronic texts (repair and design major) as well as repairing medical and laboratory equipment to strengthen knowledge level of colleagues and students studying in various majors.

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شهرام قاسميDesign and fix laboratory equipment ,
شهرام قاسميDesign and fix electronic devices ,
شهرام قاسميDesign and fix industrial electronic power ,
شهرام قاسمي Design and fix security system , ,



Designing and repairing medical and laboratory equipment Designing and repairing electronic circuits (professional repair of advanced electronic boards) Designing and running command and control circuits of industrial electricity Designing and running computer networks So far, I have repaired more than 1000 different devices from different brands in the field of medical, laboratory and research equipment. The pictures of some of these devices are exhibited at the gallery section. We offer you the best repair solution and the best maintenance program or appropriate and practical consultation suitable for the purchase and maintenance of medical and laboratory equipment, so that we can always keep up with you loved ones. We sincerely hope to provide appropriate and honest consultation and services in order to seize a long-term cooperation with you dears. Hope to take some steps to raise the knowledge level of dear colleagues and peers as well as increase the health condition of our society.

In the following list, you can see the equipment repaired by us:

Design and fix laboratory equipment
Design and fix electronic devices
Design and fix industrial electronic power
Design and fix security system


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